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Time To Invest In Your

Spiritual Health



What makes Jesus so unique and special?  He is the Savior of the world but what makes Him distinct from all the rest?  Find out in this video and powerpoint module containing 4 powerful sessions going deep into the identity of who He was and still is today.  

Who are you and what is your true identity?  Were you just born on the earth to live your everyday life as the world lives?  or were you made for a much powerful existence?  Learn what your God-given identity is in Christ and what you're supposed to do with it in this video and powerpoint teaching module containing 4 sessions of powerful insight into the truth of your life

What is your new language as a believer on Jesus?  The mind you have thought with for all these years needs to be renewed but how is it done?  Who is your Helper and what is His ultimate assignment for you?  Find out in this power-packed video and powerpoint module containing 4 flame-filled sessions revealing the way your Heavenly Father sees you and the victories you have in Him.

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