Why am I going through such rough times?

How am I going to get through this season of my life?

Is this ever going to end?

Who do I turn to that understands me and can help me?


Find out how to overcome every adversity in your life



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Mechell Williams



How many times have you tried to move forward but haven't been able to?  Have you ever wondered why you haven't been able to move past the things in life that have always held you from your greatest potential?  You're not alone.  There are many just like you who have tried many avenues and yet still feel stuck not knowing why they think the way they do and why they keep staying on the same destructive path.  Mechell used to be there then Jesus taught her how to move past it all and live a powerful life.  She is here to coach to receive from Him the same way.  Just sign up for your free gift.



As a powerful speaker and teacher of the gospel for years, Mechell has gleaned from the Word of God many anointed revelations through the Holy Spirit teaching them to countless people just as yourself. As an "Anointing Junky," she understands how important it is for you to develop a real, raw relationship with Jesus.  When you learn to be led by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit and the awareness of His power you'll live out your greatest victories already available to you in Christ.  As you listen to the greatness of Jesus' love mixed with your faith, you'll find yourself  empowered like never before.



Mechell Williams is the author of the "Anointing Junky" series of bible studies and devotionals.  She is very passionate about revealing the love of the Father through her written materials.  It's all about your Heavenly Father powerfully loving you through the finished work of Jesus.  Many have been studying her materials for years finding help through their struggles.  Knowing who you are and who's you are will raise you above all the crazy stuff coming at you.  Because of her background, she relates well with the lost and hurting.  If you feel lost, stuck, or have been hurt by life's experiences, she is the author for you.


 I have known her as a business owner, faithful church attendee, a student of the Word, and an amazing Pastor, leader, and co-worker over the years. Her humor and passion comes through in a relevant and practical way to bring people into a revelation of God's grace and truth that is balanced. She has walked out by faith many difficult situations in her life with victory and power. Her testimony is an incredible witness to the love and faithfulness of our God. Her teaching will inspire and strengthen all. The power of the Spirit she operates in will bring deliverance and revelation. I know your church, conference, or event would be better by her speaking and ministering as the Lord leads.


I have known Mechell for 15 years. I have seen her develop in the Word and the gifts that God has given her but more than anything she has kept the integrity of her heart through all of life's challenges that she has gone through. I am so honored and blessed to know her as a friend and as a co-laborer in the Body of Christ. She is a woman of integrity in every area.


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"Mechell Williams is a seasoned and anointed minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has an incredible testimony about sorrow and loss and how God's mercy and grace has brought her through the loss of two husbands. She has ministered in prison ministry since 2007 and ordained in 2008 becoming part of the Senior Leadership team as a pastor and teacher here at Restoration Ministries. She is also one of the speakers at Healing of the Nations Motorcycle Rally in Hidden Springs, Arizona. Mechell continues to cast vision helping believers walk in their calling and giving them a place to stand to run."

Gene Emerson
Senior Leader, Restoration Ministries

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As pastor of Restoration Ministries, her involvement in my life and studies has been fulfilling and encouraging.  Her exemplary dedication to the ministry, as well as her discernment of the Holy Spirit's leading has made for an obvious flow of the Spiritual Gifts within the body of Christ and her church. Pastor Mechell has a heart for people from all walks of life

The first time I met Mechell was at Restoration Ministries.  I was working in Rock Springs and was looking for a place to attend services.  As soon as I met her it was obvious she was full of the Spirit.  Her joy and bold faith were evident from our first conversation.  As the years have passed she has become a great friend and powerful minister.  She has been a constant source of encouragement and support.

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Break On Through to the Other Side Audio Download by Mechell Williams

The secrets to your breakthrough the devil don't want you to know 
What to do when the storms of life show up 
Discover the most effective ways to overcome adversities